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Reebok Ergonomic Neck Pillow

: Black

Introducing the Reebok Ergonomic Neck Pillow, the epitome of comfort and support for your neck and shoulders. Crafted with premium firm memory foam, this pillow is designed to provide unparalleled relaxation and pain relief during your travels or everyday activities.

With a generous 280g of memory foam, this pillow molds perfectly to the contours of your neck, ensuring optimal support and alignment. Say goodbye to stiffness and hello to a restful journey wherever you go.

Maintaining cleanliness is effortless with the washable fabric of this pillow. Simply remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine, allowing you to enjoy a fresh and hygienic pillow every time you use it.

Customize your comfort with the adjustable drawstring feature. Whether you prefer a snug fit or a looser feel, this pillow adapts to your personal preferences, providing a truly personalized experience.

Never worry about losing your essentials again, thanks to the built-in pocket. Keep your phone, earphones, or travel documents within arm's reach, making your journey more convenient and organized. And with the Reebok logo discreetly placed on the side of the pocket, you can proudly showcase your affinity for quality and style.