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Swiss Mobility SAN Check-in Medium

: Black

Introducing the Swiss Mobility Medium Check-In Luggage, a fusion of innovative design, practicality, and robust durability. This luggage is your perfect travel companion, catering to all your needs with its superior features and thoughtful design.

Our medium check-in luggage is crafted from lightweight, resistant ABS material. Known for its strength and resilience, this material ensures your luggage withstands the rigors of travel, providing a strong shield for your belongings without adding unnecessary weight.

Experience effortless mobility with the 360-degree spinner wheels. These four wheels glide smoothly in all directions, making navigating through busy airports or city streets a breeze. Say goodbye to heavy, hard-to-move luggage and embrace the ease of rolling with our carry-on.

The telescopic trolley handle, with multi-stage locking heights, allows for comfortable maneuvering regardless of your height. Simply adjust the handle to your preferred level and navigate with ease.

For added convenience, our medium model features a reinforced top handle and side handle. Whether you're lifting your luggage into an overhead compartment or retrieving it from a carousel, these sturdy handles make the task easy and strain-free.

We've also included side feet on the medium model to protect the hard shell against shock. This thoughtful feature ensures your luggage remains undamaged, even when placed on its side, increasing its lifespan and maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Inside, our signature lined interior offers a well-organized space for your travel essentials. The dividing panel and practical pocket provide separate compartments for your items, while the tightening straps secure your belongings in place, keeping them organized and preventing movement during transit.

The Swiss Mobility Medium Check-In Luggage is more than just a bag; it's a reliable travel partner that brings style, convenience, and durability to your journeys. Experience the difference of well-thought-out design and superior quality with Swiss Mobility


H : 26.5 x W : 17.5 x D : 10.5 in + 2 in exp.